Kinetoplastid Molecular Cell Biology Meeting (KMCB)

September 10-14, 2024

Abstract submission deadline: June 24, 2024

The next  KMCB meeting will start on Tuesday Sept 10th and run until noon on Saturday Sept 14th, 2024

Meeting Organizers:

Luisa Figueiredo (Instituto de Medicina Molecular)

Chris de Graffenried (Brown University)

Megan Povelones (Villanova University)

Omar Harb (University of Pennsylvania)

Important Dates

KMCBM: September 10-14, 2024

YIPs: September 14-15, 2024

Abstract submission deadline: June 24, 2024

Looking for abstract books from previous years? Check out the growing archive.

Code of Conduct (in progress)

This Code of Conduct covers the in-person, virtual (online) or hybrid Molecular Parasitology Meetings (MPM). MPM conferences may include keynote presentations, concurrent sessions, live poster Q&A, workshops, conference-related Slack channels, and Q&A via Zoom chat.

Updated July, 2021 (adapted from the Genetic Society of America policy)

MPM fosters an international community of parasitologists and provides opportunities for scientific discussion and collaboration. To make this experience productive and welcoming to all, and to foster open communication we ask you to adhere to MPMs code of conduct outlined below:

All conference participants (regardless of their role) are expected to follow the Code of Conduct while attending any portion of the conference, including but not limited to keynote presentations, concurrent sessions, live poster Q&A sessions, workshops, Zoom, email, social media and all conference Slack channels. This code of conduct applies to all modes of communication virtual or in-person

Unacceptable Behaviors

Unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:

Taking action or making a report

Consequences of non-compliance

Anyone asked by MPM organizers, a Session Chair, Workshop Leader, Moderator, Presenter, or Zoom representative to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Retaliation toward MPM or toward someone reporting an incident or after experiencing any of the following consequences will not be tolerated and may result in additional sanctions.

The consequences of non-compliance with MPM’s Code of Conduct may include:

Diversity and Inclusion

MPM is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion to create greater opportunity for any individual to fulfil their scientific potential, irrespective of their background, gender, or circumstances. This diversity leads to innovation by attracting the widest possible talent to the community and fostering a greater diversity of ideas, approaches, and perspectives. The Organizing Committee aims to select speakers and session chairs that represent the breadth and diversity of the discipline and conference participants.

Social Media/Photo/Video Policy

Live tweeting of presentations is allowed unless the speaker explicitly opts out by stating so at the start of their talk. Taking or sharing photos, videos, or reproductions of posters is not permitted unless you have the presenter’s consent.


When you view poster materials at the conference, remember that posters are typically works in progress. We expect poster attendees to treat virtual posters exactly as they would in-person posters and not to cite or reproduce any part of them without permission of the presenter.

Meeting Location and Travel Information

The Molecular Parasitology Meeting (MPM) takes place annually at the Marine Biological Laboratories (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts (MA), USA.


Marine Biological Laboratory

7 MBL Street Woods Hole, MA 02543


Phone Number: +1-508-548-3705

Meeting Fees: Fees will be published in April

Housing in Woods Hole: While there are a few hotels in Woods Hole, there should be sufficient housing available through MBL. 

Travel information to Woods Hole available here:

Previous KMCBM Organizers

Christian Tschudi (Yale University)

George Cross (Rockefeller)